Architectural Lighting

A Comprehensive Collection Of Urban And Architectural Lighting Solutions


Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) are pleased to present our extensive range of urban and architectural lighting solutions.

Sourced from industry-leading lighting manufacturers Arcluce & Cree, these products feature high-quality European & U.S design and have been carefully chosen to meet the most demanding requirements of lighting designers, architects and end users. The entire range is backed by a minimum 5-year warranty.

Covering both interior and exterior, our range includes pendants, downlights, track lighting, facade fittings, in-ground lighting, street lights, bollards, lanterns & more. Keep scrolling to see a few highlights from the range!

Architectural Lighting

Innovation & Technology

Whatever the space – office, hotel, private residence or other – a lighting control system can help to ensure the appropriate illumination for the application or mood. In order to provide a flexible lighting solution, a majority of the fittings in ADLT’s architectural range can be equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device to control and dim lighting. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology connects the light fittings to a mobile device to let users create the desired scenario and customize their light experience. With an intuitive and simple visual user interface, users can switch the light on or off, dim it or adjust the colour temperature from a smart-phone or tablet.


Featured in the Arcluce Rigo modular system, Tunable White enables users to adjust the colour temperature of white light to any value between 2.500K and 7.000K. Tunable White simulates natural daylight and can be adapted to personal requirements or preferences. Recent medical research has suggested the colour temperature of light could have an effect on people’s health and well-being. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) aims to match light characteristics with human circadian rhythms by focusing on our need for certain light at different times of the day. Contact ADLT for more information on this innovative technology today.

Product Highlights

Arcluce Lunio7

Featuring beautiful European design, The Arcluce Lunio7 LED Street Light’s name comes from its distinct appearance.

Similar to the other members of the Lunio family, the Lunio7 is perfect for outdoor applications including parks, shopping centres, walkways and other urban applications.


Architectural Lighting


Cree LN Series

The Cree LN Series LED Suspended Ambient provides better light from every angle: beautiful and efficient, simple to install, and unexpectedly affordable.

Delivering superb illumination to the task surface for greater productivity and heightened alertness, the LN Series directs 60% of its light upward to dispel the striped ceiling contrasts common in indirect/direct fixtures.


Architectural Lighting


Arcluce Soul180

With its sleek lines, the Arcluce Soul180 LED Bollard is the newest arrival in urban lighting, and has a design that stands out.

It’s the perfect luminaire to illuminate promenades and pedestrian areas, green zones and city parks, as well as parking areas.

Designed to stand the test of time, Soul180 is the ideal solution to add style and personality to your projects without compromising on efficiency or quality.


Architectural Lighting

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