The Basics of BMX & Skate Park LED Lighting

BMX & Skate Park LED Lighting

Many local councils are beginning to see the value associated with youth-orientated recreational facilities such as BMX tracks and skate parks. In the past, some municipalities could have been accused of neglecting these assets, often building them away from main roads and public transport options.

Poor location, poor design and a lack of supervision would often attract anti-social behaviour, disadvantaging the local community rather than benefiting it. A number of councils across Australia are however, beginning to see the light. BMX & skating facilities are now being constructed in more prominent locations with important amenities like public toilets and lighting now being included. Installing a BMX & Skate Park LED lighting solution can offer many benefits that should be considered when upgrading or constructing these facilities.

Safety of all users and spectators should be paramount, and a lighting solution that ensures a clear, unobstructed view of the area can help to reduce the potential for injuries. A well illuminated park or track can also help to deter anti-social behaviour, while increasing a general perception of safety at night.

Recreation and leisure facilities help to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, while contributing to increased inclusiveness and engagement. Installing a lighting solution will allow the community to use the facilities for more hours of the day, especially during winter.

There are however, a number of things to consider when designing a lighting solution; firstly, if the facilities are to be used for organised competitions, there may be minimum lighting standards to be met.

For example, BMX Australia recommends member tracks should be lit to an average light level of 100 lux, with this likely to increase to 200 lux average (Eh) in the future.

Secondly, the possibility of obtrusive light must be considered early in the design phase. Neighbouring properties such as residences or businesses, and infrastructure like roadways, railway tracks and more could be subject to unwanted, distractive spill light. An update to the relevant Australian Standard (AS 4282), which provides recommendations to control the effects of obtrusive light, was released earlier in 2019.

Additionally, the undulating topography of skate parks and BMX tracks should also be considered. Jumps, berms, half-pipes and other elements equal a very uneven surface. Strategic luminaire placement and appropriate light distribution selection is important to ensure uniform illumination across the entire area, minimising shadowy spots.

BMX & Skate Park LED Lighting



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