Bee Gees Way

ADLT Lighting Project


Bee Gees way is a landmark development on the foreshore at Redcliffe celebrating the works of one of Australia's most iconic bands. The EDGE Area LED was chosen to light this prestige monument due to it's unparalleled performance, high quality DeltaGuard paint finish and sleek low profile design. The EDGE Area LED has also been used right across the Redcliffe foreshore renovation. The high performing EDGE Area LED has completely rejuvenated the foreshore precinct.


  • High Salt Water Exposure
  • Exposure to High Winds
  • High Uniformity


  • Deltaguard Paint Finish
  • Low Profile Design
  • High Performing


Redcliffe, QLD

Lighting Designer

Webbs Australia


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Electrical Engineer

Webbs Australia

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