BP Aratula

ADLT Lighting Project


Aratula is a small town in southeast Queensland, approximately 90km south west of Brisbane. It is a common rest-stop for travellers coming eastward across the Great Dividing Range.

BP recently constructed a brand-new service station and truck-stop on a greenfield site just outside the town, overlooking Mount Edwards. The venue is open 24 hours a day and offers many amenities aimed at truck drivers and travelers, including lounge areas, showers, laundry facilities, truck & caravan parking and in-store and takeaway food & beverage options,

ADLTA are proud to have supplied a complete petrol station lighting solution, including canopy lighting, area lighting, security and perimetre lighting, interior lighting & cool-room lighting.

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  • Meet required lighting standards
  • Provide a complete lighting solution


  • Exceptional light quality
  • Near-zero maintenance


Aratula, QLD




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