Glenalla Connection Road

ADLT Lighting Project


This Main Roads trial was sent to open tender for LED lighting. The LEDway LED Street Light was the only LED fitting available at the time that could meet the strict spacing & uniformity requirements of the project. Achieving V3 Category levels at 55m spacing the LEDway Street Light is exceeding all expectations. Combined with smart wireless dimming capabilities this trial is convincing councils and government departments that the future LED Street Lighting is here now with the LEDway Street Light.


  • High Uniformity
  • Full Cut off
  • Spill Light Restrictions
  • Large Spacings


  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • High Perfoming Optic
  • Unmatched Spacings


Mackay, QLD

Lighting Designer

Light Harmony


Department of Transport and Main Roads

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