Meat Emporium Alexandria

ADLT Lighting Project


MEAT EMPORIUM is a retail / cool-room / warehouse application, where the operator felt original lighting was not right, both in terms of level and CRI.
CREE CXB were installed to lift illumination to high retail-level and improve colour-rendering. Photos show "before" and "after" installation.

The high and uniform illumination levels for retail are achieved with minimal glare and power-consumption through he use of LED high-bays with "traditional" prismatic reflectors.


  • The contractor (and designer) had to work around existing (MH) fittings.
  • Non stationary displays required uniform illumination.


  • Great colour-rendering - Customers can see the freshness of the red meat.
  • The chosen colour-temperature (4000K) works well with the colour of the goods on sale.
  • High illumination-levels and low power-consumption.


Alexandria, NSW

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