Porters Hardware Mackay

ADLT Lighting Project


Porters is a family run hardware and home ware business in North QLD. When renovating their store they chose to light the show room with the 304 Series Recessed Canopy LED due to its high performance and high quality finish. The quality of light has drastically improved whilst reducing their energy consumption by replacing standard inefficient retail lighting.


  • High Uniformity
  • Low Mounting Height
  • High Colour Rendering


  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Enhanced Showroom Lighting
  • Fantastic Colour Rendering


Mackay, QLD

Lighting Designer

EMF Griffiths


Porters Hardware


Porters Hardware


Bold Interiors

Electrical Engineer

EMF Griffiths
The quality of light is so good that we have found old stock that wasn't moving before is now flying off the shelves as our customers see them in a new light. Paul Porter, Porters Hardware

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