St Columba Anglican School

ADLT Lighting Project


Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) delivered this project in one of the fastest-growing locations in NSW (Port Macquarie). We were chosen ahead of a number of other suppliers who simply couldn’t match our light levels using the same number of luminaires. The area is used both as a roadway and a pathway and provides a safe and well-lit exit route for students and staff attending extra-curricular activities after school.

The Cree XSP Series was chosen for its incredible efficiency that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Substantial savings and reduced maintenance are possible when compared to traditional cobra-head luminaires. The Cree XSP series is ideal for roadways, car parks, walkways and general area lighting.


  • Fittings required to match existing poles
  • Tight time-frame for delivery


  • High efficiency
  • Better cut-off luminaire
  • Better quality of light
  • Greater sense of security


Port Macquarie

Lighting Designer

Soodi Shams


St Columba Anglican School

Electrical Engineer

Tim Smead

Electrical Contractor

PJO Electrical

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