Sydney Airport Northern Precinct

ADLT Lighting Project


Sydney Airport is Australia’s busiest airport and handled almost 40m domestic and international passengers in 2015. Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) were involved in illuminating a large car parking area adjacent to the airport used by staff, who have to catch shuttle buses to and from the terminals. Required to be lit to ASNSZ1158 (P11.b), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) obstacle limitation restrictions meant the mounting height had to be as low as 4m in some areas.

The Cree LEDway was chosen for its unique combination of precise optics, long-life and 10 year warranty.


  • Providing a cost-effective lighting solution compliant to P11b while conforming to the 4m mounting height requirements of the airport
  • Controlling spill light onto the runway approach lighting system (HIAL) directly adjacent to the car park
  • Complying with the strictest airport requirements for no light above the horizontal given the carpark was directly prior to the runway
  • Minimise glare
  • Birds pose a risk in areas surrounding airport


  • Low glare, spill-light minimised
  • No light above horizontal due to NanoOptics
  • Long life, more than 100,000 hours
  • 10 year factory backed warranty
  • Birdspikes mounted on luminaires


Mascot, NSW

Lighting Designer

Pomelo Consulting, Kym Thomas


Sydney Airport Corporation (SACL)


Sydney Airport Corporation (SACL)

Electrical Engineer



Seymour Whyte

Electrical Contractor

Connect Infrastructure

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