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Thorneside Park & Ride

ADLT Lighting Project


Advanced Lighting Technologies have provided upgraded lighting solutions for a number of Queensland Railway Stations in recent times. Thorneside Station Park & Ride is the first to be installed with the new Cree XSPC range which incorporates the Virtual Midnight dimming system.

Virtual Midnight is a stand-alone system which is easy to install, highly reliable and requires no additional wiring. The regulation follows preset steps and the energy savings are optimum because the device updates itself automatically based on the system's switching on and switching off times.
The reduction in luminous flux is achieved via a self-learning process performed by the fixture. Based on the previous on / off times, the device determines a hypothetical virtual midnight value. This is the average value between the time the fixture is switched on (sunset) and switched off (sunrise). The virtual midnight then becomes the point of reference for light emission reduction according to the specified profile.

Whilst a reduction in energy consumption was important, ADLT also needed to address the usual QR requirements of reducing glare to residential glare, providing a fitting resistant to vandalism and increasing safety for the public. The Cree XSPC was the perfect choice!


  • Address client brief
  • Minimise glare to residential areas
  • Vandal resistant
  • Dimmable during hours station isn’t operational


  • High ingress protection rating (IP66)
  • No glass (vandal resistant)
  • Dimmable
  • Increase safety for the public


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The Cree XSPC was the perfect choice!

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