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A Leader In Commercial Lighting Solutions For Over 25 Years


Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) specialise in providing commercial lighting solutions to Australian organisations.

We’ve supplied high-quality, innovative commercial lighting systems for almost 3 decades. Our team includes qualified industry experts that can provide a range of professional services designed to exceed expectations every time.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are the sole authorised distributor of Cree lighting products in Australia.

Covering both interior and exterior, our commercial lighting range includes downlights, troffers, street lights, floodlights, security lighting, lanterns & more. Keep scrolling to see a few highlights from the range!

Commercial Lighting

Innovation & Technology

Cree TrueWhite® technology is a revolutionary way to generate white light with LEDs. It begins with the highest performing commercially available LEDs and mixes in complementary light from red and unsaturated yellow LEDs to create beautiful, warm, white light. This patented approach enables precise colour management to preserve reliably high colour consistency over the life of the product. The result is beautiful white light with superior colour rendering and constant colour over time and temperature, all while using a fraction of the energy of traditional light sources – a true no-compromise solution.

Commercial Lighting


Commercial Lighting

Cree WaveMax® technology delivers superior value and performance – offering an unparalleled lighting experience by distributing visually comfortable light with exceptional uniformity, high efficiency, precise control and design appeal. Cree WaveMax® technology is a breakthrough in the execution of waveguide technology that challenges industry-standard assumptions of how light is delivered. Quite simply, Cree WaveMax® Technology redefines the limits of luminaire design to deliver optimized performance and offer broader aesthetic options – all at an unmatched customer value. Contact ADLT for more information on this innovative technology today.

Product Highlights

Cree OSQ High Output Series

The new Cree OSQ High Output (HO) area/flood luminaire changes the standard for high output lighting. Offering lumen packages ranging from 40,000L to almost 70,000L, just one OSQ HO can replace multiple metal halide fittings.

Smaller and lighter than other LED solutions, the OSQ HO is ideal for large car parks, transport yards, sporting fields and other high mast applications.


Commercial Lighting


Cree IG Series

The Cree IG Series LED Parking Structure Light brings unprecedented capabilities and performance to car park lighting, with unmatched low-glare performance and exceptionally bright, uniform light and high CRI for enhanced safety and visibility.

The streamlined design of the IG Series blends form with function to deliver superior illumination in a sleek, low-profile design—forever changing the way you’ll see parking structure lighting.


Commercial Lighting


Cree CRX Downlight

The Cree CRX Series LED Downlight, engineered with Cree TrueWhite Technology, delivers up to 2,500 lumens with unmatched 90+ CRI light while achieving up to 100 lumens per watt.

The CRX Series is available in a warm 3000K colour temperature, a daylight 4000K colour temperature, or a cool 5000K colour temperature, and with DALI dimming


Commercial Lighting

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