Crees LEDway Series have been used in Los Angeles saving the city millions of dollars in power costs.
Lux Magazine explains how the saving were made and how smart lighting can save you more than just electricity costs.

Los Angeles has spent $57 million to replace 155,000 lights over the last five years, and will spend another $50 million to finish the job.

With money like that, it’s under pressure to demonstrate payback and usefulness.

It is already racking up energy savings. The city has slashed lighting’s electricity consumption buy 42 percent, from 190 million kilowatt-hours to 110 million in the project’s first phase. It anticipates cutting $8.8 million from its electricity bill this year, and $3 million from its maintenance costs – LEDs last much longer than conventional lights, and operators can monitor their performance remotely via digital networks rather than by sending out crews.

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LEDway Street Light