Industrial Lighting

Providing Effective Illumination Under Extreme Conditions


Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) are pleased to present our range of industrial lighting solutions.

Sourced from expert lighting manufacturers Cree & PRACHT, these products feature high-quality German & U.S. design and have been carefully chosen for their ability to cope with the most demanding of environments or applications.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are the sole authorised distributor of Cree lighting products in Australia.

Suitable for a wide-range of applications, our range features luminaires specifically designed to cope with extreme environments. Keep scrolling to see a few highlights from the range!

Industrial Lighting

Applications & Industries

Our industrial lighting range includes luminaires that can:

  • Operate in extreme heat (up to +65°C) and cold (down to -45°C)
  • Resist intrusion from airborne chemicals like chlorine and ammonia
  • Withstand vandalism and attempts to cause malicious damage
  • Function through industrial-strength cleaning (including with powerful water jets)
  • Withstand sports-ball strikes and other impacts
  • Thrive in dirty, dusty and humid conditions
  • Meet strict hygiene requirements in food and beverage facilities
  • Industrial Lighting


    Industrial Lighting

    Our industrial LED luminaires are suited to a wide-range of industries, including:

  • Heavy Industry & Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Transport & Logistics Providers
  • Agriculture
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Mining
  • Special Applications & More

  • Product Highlights

    PRACHT Quadronius

    The PRACHT Quadronius LED High-Bay luminaire is an innovative, flexible solution for industrial lighting applications such as warehouses, cold storage facilities and logistic centres.

    The Quadronius has been designed to not only offer high performance and energy efficiency but it also offers a range of smart options such as emergency lighting functionality and motion sensors. Variants include a farming version and chlorine-resistant swimming pool version.


    Industrial Lighting


    Cree CXB Series

    The Cree CXB Series LED High Bay luminaire delivers up to 26,000 lumens with illumination performance to allow one-for-one replacement of 400W metal halide high-bay lighting and multi-lamp fluorescent high-bay fixtures.

    Bringing great performance and unexpected value to high-bay applications, the CXB Series eliminates the need to continue using energy-wasting and high maintenance fluorescent and HID high-bay fixtures.


    Industrial Lighting


    PRACHT Tubis N LED

    Featuring precise German engineering, the PRACHT Tubis N LED tubular luminaire is ideal for use in environments that feature high levels of moisture, dust or chemicals such as farming, food and beverage processing or industrial applications.

    Featuring a fully-sealed tubular housing (up to IP69K) suitable for high-pressure cleaning, the Tubis N LED is robust, impact-resistant and durable, all backed by a 5-year warranty.


    Industrial Lighting

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    Industrial Lighting Application (ie Food & Beverage, Heady Industry etc)

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    Industrial Lighting

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