With the extraordinary rise of LED technology in recent times, the lighting market has been flooded with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers all vying for a share of the action. One of these hotly contested market segments is industrial and warehouse lighting, specifically, high bay fixtures.

Dozens of low-cost, high-bay light fittings have arrived on the market, remarkably similar in appearance to specification-grade luminaires, yet poor imitations of the original. On the surface, the cheaper option seems like a good way to save money, but in the long run an inferior product will reveal itself. Organisations can often find themselves worse off after low-cost fittings fail to match the performance and energy savings of a higher-quality luminaire.

Cree CXB

Add the very real possibility of increased maintenance and premature failure and it’s not looking like a smart decision at all. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is often proved correct, especially in the lighting industry.

One light fitting deserving of its stellar reputation is the Cree CXB Series High Bay Fixture. Designed to last 100,000 hours at 40°C, the CXB Series is no ordinary high-bay light. It delivers outstanding illumination, efficiency and durability. Its cutting-edge design provides a long-life, low-maintenance lighting solution at an affordable price; boasting energy savings of up to 80% over standard 400W metal halide high bays (when dimming control is implemented).

With an exceptional lifespan and zero-restrike time, the CXB Series is an ideal replacement for incumbent HID high-bay light sources. Additionally, it carries the benefits of a compact, lightweight design and significantly reduced maintenance costs. The CXB Series offers unrivalled energy efficiency and is suitable for all types of general high-bay lighting.

Cree CXB

Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) recently supplied CXB Series fittings as part of a new warehouse build in Queensland. The possibility of high ambient temperatures meant a product with good thermal management was of great importance. The lighting was also required to run 24/7 so a solution that offered low maintenance over a long lifespan was essential – the Cree CXB was the obvious choice. The 10-year warranty was an added bonus. Nathan Perritt, ADLT’s Queensland Technical Sales Representative, worked on the project and recommended the CXB for the tough task. “Under 24/7 operation, a standard 50,000-hour high-bay fitting will only last 5–6 years at best,” he said. “The CXB is designed to last double that, even in scorching Australian conditions – it’s the best option for both a reduction in energy consumption and a guaranteed 10-year life.”

ADLT has been providing organisations with lighting solutions for decades. We source high-quality lighting products directly from leading manufacturers in the US and Europe. These innovative products are designed with the latest technology and backed by industry-leading warranties.

For more information about the Cree CXB Series, contact Advanced Lighting Technologies on 03 9800 5600 or email sales@adlt.com.au.

This article first appeared as sponsored content on Logistics & Materials Magazine website.