The lighting industry has been tipped on its head over the past decade by the astronomical rise of LED technology. When compared with traditional metal halide fittings, an LED solution can dramatically reduce energy consumption and the need for regular maintenance. Less money and less downtime wasted on costly lamp and ballast replacement can equal significant savings each and every year.

Harsh conditions are inherent to warehouses and logistic centres, and this must be taken into account when considering a lighting solution; extreme temperatures, wind, dust, vehicle emissions and other factors can all affect the life and performance of warehouse lighting.

A quality lighting solution offers more than just increased visibility – bright, uniform illumination can greatly lower the risk of workplace accidents while reducing losses from theft or breakage. Improved lighting can also reduce the time taken to identify stock, reducing the need for downtime during auditing or stocktaking periods and decreasing the likelihood of costly shipping errors.


For warehouse applications, the ideal lighting solution will provide high-powered performance in high temperatures, with minimal maintenance needs. The remarkably affordable Cree CXB Series High Bay Fixture delivers up to 24,000 lumens and is designed to last 100,000 hours at 40°C. What’s more, it is perfectly suited for one-for-one replacement of 400W metal halide fixtures. For specialist requirements, the PRACHT Quadronius Series High Bay Luminaire features precision German engineering, and is suitable for extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C (depending on the version).

Loading & receiving docks

To ensure the safety of employees working amidst trucks, forklifts and other machinery, bustling loading and receiving docks need bright, consistent illumination. Wall-mounted, pole-mounted and ceiling-mounted designs can cater for any working environment. For canopy and soffit installation, the Cree CPY Series features a slim, low-profile design that can be recessed into the ceiling and features an IP66 rating.

lighting solutions for warehousing and logistics providers

Outdoor areas

Exterior lighting is an oft-neglected but essential consideration. Bright illumination can increase safety and create a sense of security around entry points, interior roadways and car parking areas. A range of optics means light can be targeted exactly where it’s required, reducing unwanted spillage and glare. The Cree OSQ Series Area and Flood Light offer impressive light quality and high versatility at an extremely affordable price.

According to Soodi Shams, Lighting Designer at Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT), the importance of exterior lighting should never be underestimated. “Roadways should be lit to improve both road safety and pedestrian security – compliance with Australian standards like AS/NZ 1158 helps to satisfy this requirement. At the same time however, outdoor illumination should also improve functional use of the area at night time,” she said.

Lighting Solutions for Warehousing and Logistics providers

Perimeter security

Give security staff the advantage with improved lighting and accurate colour rendering that makes it easier to identify vehicles and intruders. Lighting around external doorways and building perimeters can also assist in improving surveillance via closed-circuit television cameras. The Cree XSP Series Wall Mount Security Light delivers incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance and is capable of providing more than a decade of near maintenance-free service.


Studies have shown that appropriate office lighting can improve staff productivity and morale – too dim or too harsh lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. An upgraded LED lighting solution can also reduce energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

The particularly versatile Cree CR Series Troffer comes in a range of sizes, shapes and colour temperatures that look great while delivering a colour rendering index (CRI) score of 80+. “The CR Series offer great-looking light while reducing energy consumption,” shared ADLT CEO, Richard Langdon. “In fact, we were so impressed that we’ve installed them in our own office.”

ADLT has been providing organisations with lighting solutions for decades. We source high-quality lighting products directly from leading manufacturers in the US and Europe. These innovative products are designed with the latest technology and backed by industry-leading warranties. We offer a wide-range of lighting solutions, from high- and low-bay fittings for the warehouse and LED downlights, troffers and panels for the office to wall-mounted, pole-mounted and ceiling-mounted solutions for your business’ outside spaces. ADLT is an authorised distributor of both PRACHT and Cree luminaires in Australia.

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