Cree 304 Series
LED Flood Light

Cree 304 Series LED Flood Light

Cree 304 Series
LED Flood Light

The Cree 304 Series Flood Light are ideal for up-lighting or down-lighting applications such as transportation signs and underpasses. An adjustable yoke mounting bracket provides flexibility in a variety of application settings. With nearly maintenance-free operation and lifetime energy savings, the 304 Series is ultra efficient.

Designed for upgrades or new construction, the luminaire is easy to install and will look great for years. Available in 40- or 60-LED configurations with multiple optical distributions, the 304 Series is an affordable high-performance lighting solution.

  • Cree 304 Series
  • Cree 304 Series Flood
  • Cree 304 Series Flood


    • Available in 5700K & 4000K
    • Low-profile design
    • High ingress protection rating (IP66)
    • Features Cree's NanoOptic® Product Technology


    • Improved illumination performance
    • Near zero maintenance
    • Standard 10-year limited warranty on Deltaguard finish
    • Standard 10-year limited warranty on luminaire

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