Cree CXB Series
LED High Bay

Cree CXB

Cree CXB Series
LED High Bay

The Cree CXB Series LED High Bay luminaire delivers up to 26,000 lumens with illumination performance to allow one-for-one replacement of 400W metal halide high-bay lighting and multi-lamp fluorescent high-bay fixtures. Bringing great performance and unexpected value to high-bay applications, the CXB Series eliminates the need to continue using energy-wasting and high maintenance fluorescent and HID high-bay fixtures.

  • Cree CXB
  • Cree CXB
  • Cree CXB
  • Cree CXB
  • Cree CXB
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  • Basket ball court lighting


    • CRI: 80
    • Delivered light output: 20,000 or 26,000 median lumens
    • CCT: 4000K, 5000K
    • Input Power: 155 or 233 watts
    • Mounting: J-box, pendant, hook eye, bolt
    • Dimming: 0-10V dimming or DALI


    • Variety of lumen packages, mounting choices, reflectors and lenses makes designing the ideal application solution quick and easy
    • Highest lumens per dollar against competing LED luminaires today enables payback of less than 3 years
    • Compact, lightweight construction weighs 50% less than traditional metal halide high-bay luminaires for a quick and easy installation
    • Long-term financial savings from up to 50% lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs compared to 250W and 400W HID low/high-bay fixtures
    • Versatile mounting options simplify installation


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