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Simply a Better Metal Halide Lamp

With the growing demand and hype around LED it is easy to forget some of the most economical energy efficient solutions available today.

Venture’s Uni-Form® pulse start series, offers a great selection of lumen packages: 50W to 1000W and the most comprehensive range of open-rated products available in the industry. UPS Metal Halide still offers one of the best low glare, energy efficient solutions especially ideal when it comes to lighting sports stadiums and tennis courts.

Energy Saving Lamps

There is now a rapidly growing demand for even more energy efficient lighting systems to help the environment. Venture Lighting is leading the way worldwide in developing innovative, new energy efficient lighting products to help reduce overall energy usage costs without compromising on lighting quality. They offer more light than conventional systems, excellent colour uniformity, longer life and – most important of all – significant energy savings.


    • Exclusive formed body arc tube for consistency
    • beyond ceramic metal halide
    • Patented stronger weldless mount construction
    • to minimise delivery and handling breakages
    • ‘Tipless’ arc tube improves performance for maximum colour and light output uniformity


    • Longer lamp life
    • Enhanced lumen maintenance
    • Excellent system colour uniformity
    • Hot restart in less than half the time of standard
    • pinch body metal halide systems
    • 50% faster warm-up


    • Shrouded ‘open-rated’ lamps provide protection for luminaires without lenses
    • UV Shield® blocks up to 80% UV, 50% more than most UV reducing lamps
    • Reduces UV damage to merchandise and signage



Venture’s full product range:

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