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DimOnOff: Smart Lighting For Smart Cities

Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) are proud to offer smart lighting control systems from one of the world’s leading providers, DimOnOff.

Considered a pioneer and innovator in wireless control and remote monitoring technology, DimOnOff’s versatile platform is a result of over 10 years of research and development aimed at creating the ultimate energy monitoring and management system.

Scalable yet flexible, the DimOnOff smart lighting solution individualises control of luminaires and allows one-by-one wireless management of electrical loads.

By simply adding DimOnOff relays to compatible light fittings, the system becomes a controllable network of light nodes and uses wireless communication to remotely monitor and meter each luminaire or circuit. Controlled using a computer or mobile device, light fittings can be switched on or off and dimmed/brightened as required.

Seasonal scheduling allows extra flexibility during quiet or busy time periods, and alarms can be sent automatically from individual faulty relays. A geographic overlay makes selecting the right luminaire simple.

What is Smart Lighting?

The lighting industry has been transformed by the rapid rise of LED technology over the past decade. When compared with traditional lighting solutions, an LED luminaire can dramatically reduce both energy consumption and maintenance requirements. Less money and less downtime wasted on expensive lamp and ballast replacement can equal significant savings each year. The possibility of further savings has been brought about by the use of smart controls.

Connected via a wireless network, smart controls give organisations the opportunity to monitor and manage their lighting systems in real-time. Consider the benefits of reducing light levels during quiet periods or increasing it during inclement weather or to assist emergency services responding to incidents. Instant reporting also means faults can be identified and repaired much quicker than in the past.

Smart Controls

Advanced Lighting Technologies have succesfully installed a number of Smart Control systems for organisations around Australia. Our expert staff are equipped with the experience and knowledge to ensure a seamless implementation.


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Smart Lighting Control Systems

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