Our Story

The Advanced Lighting Technologies Story

Founded in the USA in 1983, Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) has been a leader in the lighting market for over 25 years.

With an established presence in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, we specialise in architectural, commercial and industrial lighting solutions designed for dozens of applications and industries.

We service dozens of industries, including:
    • Council & Government
    • Education & Healthcare
    • Infrastructure & Transport Providers
    • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
    • Retail & Shopping Centre Operators
    • Developers & Builders
    • Warehouse, Industrial & Factory Operators
    • Petroleum Retailers
    • Sports & Leisure Facilities & more

Our relationship with leading lighting manufacturers around the world allows us to supply a wide variety of high-quality, innovative lighting solutions specific to your project requirements. This, coupled with a range of professional services provided by qualified industry experts, means we offer a holistic lighting solution designed to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Our partners include market leaders Cree Lighting & DimOnOff, and premium European brands PRACHT, Arianna, Holophane and Arcluce.

In fact, Advanced Lighting Technologies’ are the sole distributor of Cree Lighting LED luminaires in Australia.

ADLT also designs, manufactures and markets LED & Metal Halide luminaires, lamps and components including ballasts, capacitors and ignitors under the Venture Lighting brand.

We offer LED lighting products suited for many applications and industries, including the following categories:

    • Urban Spaces
    • Area & Street
    • Canopy & Parking
    • Flood, Facade & Security
    • Ceiling & Recessed
    • Sports Lighting
    • Warehouse, Industrial & Harsh Environments
    • Interior – Commercial
    • Interior – Architectural


Advanced Lighting Technologies’ management system has been certified to ISO 9001.

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