Claims Policy

If your claim is successful, ADLTA may (at ADLTA’s sole discretion):

1. Grant a credit for the price of the goods (less a restocking/handling fee);
2. provide replacement goods;
3. repair and return the goods.

STEP 1: Advise us of your claim

1. Where a breakage occurs prior to receipt of the goods or there is non-compliance with an order, claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of the goods;

2. Where there is a defect in the manufacture of the goods, claims must be made within the warranty period, if applicable.

Within the applicable time frame, fax your Claim to the Melbourne office of ADLTA and provide the following details:

  • Purchaser order number;
  • Invoice number/Dispatch docket number;
  • Description of goods ordered;
  • Reason for claim – (non-compliance with order or defective goods).

You may indicate on the Claim Form whether you request a repair of goods, credit or replacement goods.

STEP 2: ADLTA assesses your claim

ADLTA may require access to inspect the goods at your premises. ADLTA will inform you in writing of its decision to accept or deny your claim and whether it will repair or replace goods or provide credit, subject to proper return of goods in accordance with this Credit Procedure.
In order to help us process your claim and to assess any technical issues with product supplied, ADLTA may require you to complete a questionnaire.
If you are required to return goods, a Goods Returned Authority (“GRA”) will be issued to you.
If your claim relates to non-compliance with an order for goods, ADLTA will inform you as to when it will be able to comply with the order, or it will provide reasons as to why it cannot.

STEP 3: Return goods to ADLTA

Returned goods must be forwarded to the Melbourne office of ADLTA, unless advised otherwise in writing.
Your shipping document MUST quote the GRA and enclose the completed Claim Form with your returned goods. Please note that goods returned without an approved GRA will not be accepted by ADLTA and your claim will be rejected. Note: Unless expressly agreed to in writing by ADLTA, the cost of returning goods for inspection will be your responsibility.

STEP 4: Granting of credit or forwarding of goods

All returned goods must be in original packaging and in saleable condition. On inspection and acceptance of returned goods, the Accounts Receivable Department will attend to crediting your account, or forwarding replacement goods. Alternatively, the goods will be repaired and returned to you. If your claim relates to non-compliance with an order, goods to complete the order will be forwarded subject to availability.
If the requirement to return goods has been expressly waived in writing by ADLTA, then credit or replacement goods will be granted after your Claim has been accepted.

Other claims

If your claim is not made within the warranty period or your claim is not made within 7 days of the date of delivery, then you acknowledge that you have no right to replacement goods or credit for the goods. Any such claims will be considered on a case by case basis.


Updated April 2018

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