Area & Flood


To meet the demands of modern area and flood lighting, Advanced Lighting Technologies offer low, medium and high wattage luminaires with a wide range of optical distributions.

Our in-house lighting design service can also ensure compliance with the relevant lighting Standards, including minimising obtrusive light. Contact us today for more information.

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Area & Flood Lighting

Efficient and Flexible

From low wattage to high output, we offer a range of area and flood lighting solutions with specifically-designed optics to maximise efficacy and spacing.
Area & Flood Lighting

Options For All Budgets

Our selection of floodlights includes both economic and efficient options through to architectural RGBW floodlights and everything in between.
Area & Flood Lighting

Compliance and Guidance

With lighting Standards constantly being reviewed and updated, it’s never been trickier to ensure compliance. Our experts can help guide you through the lighting design process.
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