Car Park


Anywhere vehicles and people come in close contact with each other has the potential to be unsafe.

Whether your carpark is outdoor or undercover, Advanced Lighting Technologies offer a wide range of effective lighting solutions that allow for safe movement of motorists and pedestrians.

High-mast car park photograph by Ron Tan.
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Car Park Lighting

Undercover & Multi-Level

We offer a complete multi-level car park lighting solution, covering parking areas, transition zones, stairwells, ramps, pedestrian walkways and more.
Car Park Lighting

Outdoor & Area

Outdoor car park lighting should focus on security and safety. Users should feel safe walking to and from cars, and pedestrians should be visible to drivers at all times.
Car Park Lighting

P Category Compliance

Advanced Lighting Technologies have years of experience providing car park lighting solutions that comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Contact one of our experts today!
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