Hazardous Area


Explosion proof luminaires are essential in environments where the presence of flammable gases and vapours or ignitable dust and fibres could create a hazardous atmosphere. Such luminaires are designed to prevent and control the risk of ignition, ensuring higher safety.

Advanced Lighting Technologies offers explosion proof luminaires specifically engineered and certified for use in these environments.

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Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions

Certification & Compliance

Any luminaire installed must comply with relevant safety standards and certifications for use in hazardous environments. Australia has adopted the international IECEx Standard.
Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions

Durability & Robustness

Luminaires for hazardous atmospheres must be designed to withstand the potentially harsh conditions present in these environments. Consider factors such as ingress protection (IP) and impact resistance (IK) ratings.
Hazardous Area Lighting Solutions

Explosion Proof & Tough

The PRACHT Gecko is IECEx certified for use in both Zone 1/ 21 & Zone 2/22 and boasts IP66 & IK10 ratings. Gecko is available in a choice of lengths, wattages and lumen outputs.
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