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Indoor sports, recreation and leisure facilities are vital to any local community. They assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle and can contribute to social inclusiveness, engagement and interaction.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are the indoor sports lighting specialists – we’ve provided LED sports lighting solutions to local councils, schools and organisations across the region. Basketball, Netball, Badminton and more.

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Indoor Sports Lighting

Energy Efficient

Replacing outdated metal halide light fittings with LED can offer significant energy savings. In a recent project, we reduced the number of fittings per basketball court by half and slashed energy consumption by a massive 75%. (Photograph by Ron Tan)
Indoor Sports Lighting

Adaptable & Robust

Unlike superseded lighting systems, LED solutions provide maximum light output immediately, offering greater flexibility for stadium operators. We also offer robust luminaires designed to withstand ball strikes.
Indoor Sports Lighting


Our experts can design an indoor sports lighting solution that offers compliance to the relevant Standard (AS 2560), ensuring a safe and comfortable viewing experience for participants, officials and spectators.
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