Industrial & Harsh Environment


Industrial and manufacturing facilities often produce harsh conditions which must be considered when contemplating lighting; extreme temperatures, chemical vapours, moisture, dust and vehicle emissions can all affect the life and performance of lighting.

Advanced Lighting Technologies offers luminaires specifically engineered to perform in these environments.

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Industrial & Harsh Environments

Extreme Temperatures

Blistering heat and freezing cold are common in many industrial applications. We offer premium LED luminaires designed to withstand these conditions
Industrial & Harsh Environments

Chemicals & Vapours

Steam, moisture, vapours, dirt and dust can play havoc with electrical components. A lighting solution that offers high ingress protection and chemical resistance can offer outstanding value over its lifetime.
Industrial & Harsh Environment

Food & Beverage

We can provide specification-grade lighting solutions that meet the strict hygiene and safety requirements demanded by the food and beverage industry. Contact us for more information today.
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