Ports & Transportation


When designing lighting for ports or large transportation hubs, safety should be the main priority. Anywhere pedestrians and vehicles or heavy machinery are in close proximity to each other could potentially be unsafe.

Advanced Lighting Technologies offer a wide range of effective lighting solutions that allow for safe movement of vehicles, workers and pedestrians.

Ports & Transportation

Lighting Large Areas

High-mast area lighting should focus on safety and security, ensuring pedestrians, workers and other vehicles are always visible. Photograph by Ron Tan.
Ports & Transportation

Energy Efficient

Modern LED lighting uses much less energy than its predecessors. Upgrading the lighting across a large facility can have a dramatic effect on energy consumption.
Ports & Transportation

Durable & Robust

We offer a range of luminaires and accessories suitable to withstand the weather and other elements encountered with external lighting, including those with special paint finishes for coastal areas.
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