Security & Perimeter


LED lighting can enhance security while minimising maintenance and operational costs.

Our experts can design an optimised lighting solution that ensures proper illumination of vulnerable areas by strategically placing lights to eliminate blind spots and shadows, effectively deterring and detecting suspicious activity.

Security & Perimeter for logistic centre

Coverage & Visibility

It’s important to ensure adequate light levels and coverage around the area(s) you wish to secure. Advanced Lighting Technologies can design an optimised solution to achieve your requirements.
Security & Perimeter city street lighting

Lighting for CCTV

Increased light levels with a higher correlated colour temperature (CCT) than usual may be preferable to ensure optimal visibility for facial or number plate recognition.
Security & Perimeter lighting for road underpasses

Energy Efficient

Modern LED lighting uses much less energy than its predecessors. Upgrading the lighting surrounding a large facility like a warehouse or a port can have a dramatic effect on energy consumption.
Featured Security & Perimeter lighting products

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