Street & Roadway


To meet the demands of modern street and roadway lighting, Advanced Lighting Technologies offer low, medium and high wattage luminaires with a wide range of optical distributions.

Our in-house lighting design service can also help you comply with the relevant Standards. Contact us today for more information.

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Street & Roadway

Optimised & Efficient

Our experts can assist with creating an optimised street or roadway lighting design that maximises pole spacing and lumen efficiency while achieving compliance with the relevant technical lighting parameters.
Street & Roadway

Increase Visual Comfort

Emphasis should no longer be placed just on performance but also visual comfort, the quality of light generated and how that light interacts with its surrounding environment.
Street & Roadway

A Complete Package

In addition to quality street and area luminaires, we also offers poles, foundation cages, brackets and other accessories to suit your project needs.
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