Swimming Pool & Aquatic Centre


Illuminating indoor and outdoor pool areas offers a unique set of challenges. Safety, visibility and conditions all need to be considered. Choosing the wrong luminaire can be costly.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are the swimming pool lighting specialists: We’ve provided LED lighting solutions to local councils, schools and organisations across the region.

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Swimming Pool & Aquatic Centre

Safety First

Compliance with the relevant Standards is essential – there should be enough light for lifeguards, safety attendants and spectators to see the entire pool, and everyone using it.
Swimming Pool & Aquatic Centre

Specialised Solutions

Indoor swimming pools are warm, humid environments that can challenge even the highest quality electrical components. We offer luminaires designed specifically to withstand these harsh conditions.
Swimming Pool & Aquatic Centre

Reduce Maintenance

Aquatic centre luminaires are typically mounted to a high ceiling or tall light pole and can be difficult and expensive for technicians to access. Luckily, LED lighting requires near-zero servicing, helping to reduce costly maintenance bills. Photo Credit: Ron Tan.
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