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Installing artificial lighting in sensitive coastal areas requires a great deal of consideration – wildlife such as turtles and penguins rely on natural light (such as the moon) for safety and orientation.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are the wildlife-friendly lighting experts – we offer a number of luminaires fitted with dedicated amber-coloured LEDs that can minimise disruption to local wildlife. Contact us for more information today!

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Wildlife Friendly Lighting

The Problem

Artificial light from development near turtle habitats can disorientate nesting turtles and their offspring – who are drawn to white light, mistaking it for moonlight reflecting off the ocean. This can result in a much greater mortality rate among new hatchlings.
Wildlife Friendly Lighting

The Solution

Specially designed monochromatic amber LEDs produce light with a narrow spectral distribution that minimises disruption to turtle behaviour. Amber LEDs also typically produce fewer lumens than their white-light equivalent, reducing disruption to wildlife even further.
Wildlife Friendly Lighting

Amber LED Technology

Not all amber LEDs are created equal - many other amber lighting products on the market are phosphor converted rather than dedicated amber. These can still produce blue wavelength light that is visible and disruptive to wildlife, even though the light appears amber to humans.
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