PRACHT’s New Explosion Proof Luminaire

PRACHT Gecko Explosion Proof Lighting Solution

Explosion proof luminaires are essential in environments where the presence of flammable gases and vapours or ignitable dust and fibres could create a hazardous atmosphere. Such luminaires are designed to prevent and control the risk of ignition of these potentially combustible materials, ensuring higher safety.

Gecko is PRACHT’s first LED explosion proof luminaire and has been specifically developed for use in hazardous areas. Gecko offers impact resistant splinter protection, optimised thermal management and special electronics to prevent flammable gases or dust from igniting. Gecko is IECEx & ATEX certified.

PRACHT Gecko Explosion Proof Lighting Solution

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PRACHT Gecko Explosion Proof Lighting Solution

Gecko boasts IP66 & IK10 ratings and is available in a choice of lengths, wattages and lumen outputs. A selection of accessories (sold separately) allows for ceiling, wall or pendulum mount.

PRACHT Gecko Explosion Proof Lighting Solution

Gecko offers compliance to the following International Standards relating to equipment used in explosive atmospheres:
• IEC 60079-0:2017
• IEC 60079-18:2014
• IEC 60079-31:2022
• IEC 60079-7:2017

PRACHT Gecko Explosion Proof Lighting Solution

In German, the word “lizard” is similar to the word “ex”. Geckos (the lizards) display exceptional alertness and react swiftly to emerging danger. These details serve as inspiration behind the choice of the name “Gecko”.

PRACHT 100 years


PRACHT also recently celebrated their 100th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, they restored a 1987 Airstream caravan, converting it into a mobile showroom and touring around Europe sharing the PRACHT experience with customers and partners.

The caravan was loaded with PRACHT’s range of innovative and robust luminaires, specially designed to withstand the toughest environments. They also added some entertainment and leisure amenities, including televisions and a bar where their very own PRACHT beer is served!

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