Arcluce Soul180 Urban LED Bollard

Corten (23)

Advanced Lighting Technologies has been providing innovative lighting solutions for over 25 years, offering a comprehensive range of products for a wide variety of applications. Find the perfect lighting solution for your next project and see how our technology and expertise can bring your vision to light.

Arcluce Pixol Bollard
Pixol Bollard

Features a linear and clean design and is available in a range of colours and configurations.

Arcluce Tula
Façade Fitting

Tula is perfect for illuminating external façades and highlighting architectural elements.

Arcluce Miko
Miko Bollard

Miko offers excellent lighting efficacy and high visual comfort by providing glare control and even surface lighting.

Arcluce Gothic

A unique and stylish bollard that combines a classic brutalist shape with excellent performance.

Arcluce Pixol Floodlight
Pixol Flood

Floodlight featuring minimal design and geometric shape. suitable for multiple uses and architectural contexts.

Arcluce Pixol Facade
Pixol Façade

Designed to enhance and highlight architectural structures through a range of flexible lighting options.

Arcluce Pixol Ceiling
Pixol Ceiling

Offers architectural lighting for applications requiring powerful but discreet illumination. Available in a range of sizes.


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