Cree Edge Pathway
LED Bollard

Cree Edge Pathway
LED Bollard

The Edge Series Pathway Bollard from Cree Lighting provides uniform shadow-free illumination for building entries and walkways, enhancing any architectural style. Multiple height options provide lighting design flexibility for a range of applications, while top-mounted LEDs offer superior optical performance and light control.

Note: This is a legacy product and may be no longer available in all variants listed. Please contact us for more information.

Certain variations of the Cree Edge Series are available with Amber LEDs, which may be suitable for use in applications or locations where wildlife such as turtles are known to frequent. See the ‘Download’ tab or contact Advanced Lighting Technologies for more information.

  • CreeLightingEdgePathway01
  • CreeLightingEdgePathway02
  • CreeLightingEdgePathway03
  • CreeLightingEdgePathway04
  • CreeLightingEdgePathway05
  • CreeLightingEdgePathway07


    • Available in 70, 80, 90 CRI
    • CCT: Turtle Friendly Amber, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
    • Low-profile design
    • Exclusive Colourfast DeltaGuard® finish


    • Shadow-free illumination
    • Flexibility thanks to varying heights
    • Standard 10-year limited warranty


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