Street & Pathway
Advanced Lighting Technologies has been providing innovative lighting solutions for over 25 years, offering a comprehensive range of products for a wide variety of applications. Find the perfect lighting solution for your next project and see how our technology and expertise can bring your vision to light.
Arcluce Eco Urban

Eco Urban

Street & Area

Street & area light perfect for lighting large areas, architectural and urban applications.

Holophane Denver iD Pole

Denver iD Pole

Street & Area

High impact-resistance rated area & street light. Available in single or double module. Part of the Denver iD Family.

Holophane S-Line


Street & Area

Developed specifically for street lighting environments. Offers exceptional optical performance, thermal management, flexibility and efficiency.

Holophane HMAO


High Mast Area & Flood

Featuring the latest in high-efficiency LED technology, the Holophane HMAO offers a complete solution for large area lighting applications.

Holophane CityMax Large

CityMax Large

High Output Poletop

Combines a sleek contemporary design with exceptional technical performance.

Orca Solar Vertex SL

Vertex SL

Solar Lighting System

Offers mission critical solar lighting for organisations that value reliability and performance.

Orca Solar Vertex


Solar Lighting System

Designed to meet exact project requirements. Offers the most flexibility of any solar lighting product on the market.

Orca Solar Avero


Solar Lighting System

Solar lighting system designed to provide exceptional illumination results for suburban and rural pathways.

Cree Lighting LEDWay


Street & Area

Iconic street & area light that offers outstanding lumen output and economic performance.

Cree Lighting Square LED

Square LED

Street & Area

Features a simple shape and robust housing which integrates into practically all environments.

Cree Lighting Syrius


Street & Area

Street light engineered to meet the needs of everyone involved in the process, including the people that live and work under it.

Arcluce Lunio



Merges classic and modern design elements, perfect for grand promenades, business districts, shopping centres and parks alike.


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