Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand
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Beautiful But Harsh

Living by the sea is a tough life for a light fitting. Although stunning, this Hibiscus Coast location came hand in hand with potential maintenance issues due to exposure to high sea-spray. A well thought out approach to fitting new canopy lights was required. The fittings chosen for this application had to demonstrate a robust seaside durability in order to withstand the tough costal environment.


The sites proximity to the sea meant it is in a high sea-spray zone. This causes accelerated degradation if products are not constructed of the suitable materials.

Additionally, the luminaires had to be suitable for installation into a single skin canopy, constructed of 1000mm thick insulated sandwich panel.


Durable under tough conditions the Cree Lighting CPY Canopy luminaires were chosen for this application. They are proven suitable for the marine environment having endured 5000-hour salt fog testing.


  • Suitable for the marine environment
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Over 50% energy saving over traditional HID technolgoy
  • Light Fittings – Manufacturer’s Warranty of 10 years
  • Light Fittings – Application Life of 20 years

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