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Dianella Community Centre

Tarneit, located approximately 25 kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD, is a rapidly growing suburb renowned for its diverse community and housing affordability. An attractive choice for families seeking a suburban lifestyle with convenient access to central Melbourne and surrounds, Tarneit’s recent population growth has resulted in additional government investment in new schools, parks and other community assets.

One such facility is the Dianella Community Centre, which was built in partnership between the Victorian government and Wyndham City Council. The facility was built to help support and encourage local residents, community leaders, associations and groups to engage and participate in activities, programs and events. Aiming to reflect the aspirations and strengths of its neighbourhood, the building offers community-focused spaces such as meeting rooms, barbeque facilities, an amphitheatre, a playground, kitchen and more.

As part of the development, Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied the captivating Arcluce Quadrio180 LED Bollard from our architectural range to help illuminate the pathway surrounding the centre’s main entrance.

During the day, the Quadrio180 offers sleek lines and a modern shape that enhance the centre’s architecture. However it’s after dark that the Quadrio180 truly shines, providing a stunning focal point that adds depth and character to its surroundings while also providing practical illumination to offer an increased sense of safety and visibility for visitors.

Built tough to withstand the rigours of the urban environment, the Quadrio180’s unique radial optics offer a comfortable beacon of light from all directions, even from afar – a pertinent reminder to residents that the Dianella Community Centre is welcoming and inclusive to all.

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