Eltham, Victoria, Australia
Electrical Engineer
Webb Australia Group

Eltham Tennis Club

A Hit With The Locals

To meet increasing demand for sporting facilities in the area, the Eltham Tennis Club recently received a $1.4 million upgrade, resulting in three new courts being built, bringing the club’s total to ten.

Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied the flexible, modular Arianna Petrarca LED Floodlight as part of the upgrade. The Petrarca’s revolutionary reflection system offers a low glare and efficient approach to lighting, ensuring uniform illumination across the entire playing surface.


Advanced Lighting Technologies were engaged by engineering consultants Webb Australia Group to supply the lighting for a synthetic clay single court. The design brief was straight forward: a standard six-pole scheme was specified, and light levels had to achieve the recommendations listed in AS 2560.2.1-2003 for club and competition play, which dictates a maintained horizontal illuminance of 350 lux.

As this was a single standalone court, the design called for 3 poles and luminaires to be mounted on each side of the court (as opposed to the corners). A side-lit tennis court lighting scheme offers a number of advantages to alternatives, including less glare, lower poles and an improved ability to control spill light.


The Arianna Petrarca LED Floodlight is a flexible and modular area lighting solution capable of delivering up to 150,000 lumens through patented reflection optics that offer high efficiency, uniformity and visual comfort. Although perfectly suited for use in any large, open-area lighting application, it’s on the sporting field that the Petrarca really shines – generating comfortable, even light distribution with minimal glare to provide an enjoyable experience for both participants and spectators. Whether it’s a tennis court or a larger sports field, the Arianna Petrarca offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient modern LED sports lighting solution.

Note: The Arianna Petrarca has been superseded by the Arianna Petrarca 2.0, which features higher lumen packages, more mounting options and more.


The Arianna Petrarca’s revolutionary reflection system offers a low glare and efficient approach to illumination. The LEDs are concealed within the luminaire, and light is captured and combined through a series of reflectors before being cast onto the ground uniformly. This means that every ground stroke, ace, volley and smash are clear and visible, and players have no trouble perceiving the correct depth of the court and trajectory of the ball, even on the darkest of nights.

Thanks to Arianna’s innovative full cut-off optical system, light is only directed where necessary and without waste, with zero light emitted upwards. The Petrarca’s low glare approach ensures minimal disturbance to neighbouring properties and passing drivers, while its optimised thermal design and 5-year warranty means Eltham Tennis Club will be enjoying high quality illumination on the court for years to come.

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