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Lundgren Chain Reserve

Optimised, Sustainable & Compliant

Lundgren Chain Reserve is a linear park and playground located in Burwood in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Opening in 2023, the park was constructed as an alternative to nearby Sinnott Street Reserve which was needed for the construction of a new railway station as part of the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) project. Designed in close consultation with the local community, Lundgren Chain Reserve now features a new playground, seating, soft surfacing and landscaped areas. Existing mature vegetation was also retained. Lighting was identified as a desired amenity during the community engagement process.

Advanced Lighting Technologies were commissioned to design and supply a pathway solar lighting solution that would extend the usability of the park and help users and residents feel safer when walking after dark. We had the perfect solution – the Avero Solar Lighting System from Orca Solar Lighting.

Solar offers a more sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to lighting. Using renewable energy from the sun produces no greenhouse gas emissions and minimises the system’s carbon footprint. Beyond sustainability, solar lighting offers many other advantages over traditional lighting systems, including less design and planning requirements, no cabling or trenching and fast, easy installation. Being completely removed from the electrical grid also means no ongoing energy costs and no disruption during power outages.


The solar solution supplied to Lundgren Chain Reserve needed to meet the light technical parameters recommended in the relevant Australian Standard for pathway lighting (AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020 Subcategory PP3) which would help to ensure a safe environment for pedestrians and other pathway users at night. While some situations call for public lighting to be dimmed during periods of inactivity, Lundgren Chain Reserve required constant, compliant illumination from sunset to sunrise.

Minimising spill light was also an area of concern. The park is surrounded by residential properties on both sides of the pathway, so any proposed solution had to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 4282:2019 (Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting). This was of great importance considering the light output would not reduce overnight, even during the early hours.

Existing trees scattered around the park meant pole spacings and locations had to be carefully considered to ensure sunlight capture was maximised, while a solar solution with the right battery had to be selected to store and cycle captured energy, especially during Melbourne’s winter months when sunshine levels can be low.

Considering these factors, any proposed solution had to be carefully contemplated and chosen.


Orca Solar Lighting’s Avero system was specifically built for pathway lighting, providing exceptional illumination results for suburban and rural level compliance with AS/NZS 1158:2020. Designed in Australia and available in a range of pole heights, the Avero generates up to 2,000 lumens of warm 3000K illumination. A 60W multi-directional monocrystalline photovoltaic solar module ensures maximum sunlight capture while a premium LiFePO4 battery provides up to 5 days autonomy / battery back-up.

Built-in adaptive lighting controls mean the Avero can also be programmed to reduce or increase light levels based on set times or the presence of movement in the area. Changes can be made in the field using the remote control (optional).


The Avero provides soft, warm illumination along the pathways at Lundren Chain Reserve. Pedestrians and other pathway users can feel safer at night than ever before thanks to the Avero’s Dusk to Dawn setting that generates constant lumen output all night long.

An intelligent lighting design ensured pole locations and spacings across the entire project were optimised, minimising any shadowing or pixelation without requiring additional poles or luminaires that would have exceeded the budget set aside for lighting. Orca’s industry-leading solar calculation methods uses solar radiation data from NASA to ensure the maximum amount of sunshine will be captured all year round, while potential shading from the Park’s existing mature trees was also considered.

Compliance with AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020 Subcategory PP3 was achieved, with the recommended average horizontal illuminance of three lux met, while the optics selected were also in accordance with the glare limitations found in the same Standard. Minimising any obtrusive light entering neighbouring properties was also of great importance, and compliance with AS/NZS 4282:2019 was achieved thanks to the Avero’s multi-lens directional optics and intelligent luminaire placement.

For additional peace of mind, the Avero comes with a standard 5-year warranty, ensuring the local community will enjoy using Lundgren Chain Reserve after dark for years to come.

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