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Bracken Ridge BMX Facility

ADLT Lighting Project


Brisbane City Council (BCC) recently constructed a brand-new BMX bicycle facility at Fitzgibbon. The new facility is one of the largest of its kind in Australia, and caters to a range of riders from differing ages and skill levels.

Located adjacent to an existing skate park, and close to the Emily Seebohm Aquatic Centre, the facility is part of the council's commitment to creating new lifestyle and leisure opportunities in Brisbane's northern suburbs. 30 additional car spaces were also constructed to help service the increase in demand for the area's leisure facilities.

The council wanted the option to boost the lighting from 100 lux to 200 lux when required. This was achieved using a switching arrangement. The poles could be no more than 10m tall, and no spill light was allowed to enter neighbouring properties. During the design phase, consideration also had to be given to the undulating, uneven surface (inherent of a BMX track) to ensure uniform illumination.

Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied the Cree OSQ High Output LED Area & Flood Light, which has changed the standard for high output lighting; just one OSQ High Output luminaire can replace multiple metal halide fixtures. It's also smaller and lighter than other LED solutions, making it easier to install while minimising wind load requirements.

The results speak for themselves! Uniform illumination with the flexibility to double the lux levels for BMX competitions or other events.

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  • Uneven, undulating course
  • No spill light allowed to enter neighbouring properties
  • Maximum pole height of 10m
  • Very short supply schedule


  • Uniform illumination across entire track
  • Flexibility to light to 100 or 200 lux


Brisbane, QLD


Brisbane City Council


Brisbane City Council

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Brisbane City Council

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