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Cree Lighting are a global, market-leading developer of LED lighting products. Cree Lighting have been at the forefront of LED technology for over 25 years and continue to introduce new and exciting innovation through research and development. Advanced Lighting Technologies are the sole distributor of Cree Lighting products in Australia.

Cree Lighting are continuously advancing their state-of-the-art LED lighting products to provide energy-efficient lighting that will look and operate as expected for years to come. From a safely-lit car park to a comfortable interior space, Advanced Lighting Technologies can offer a Cree Lighting solution to meet your needs.

Cree Lighting LED luminaires can dramatically improve visibility and put your facility in a whole new light — making outdoor areas safe and secure while reducing your operating expenses.

Cree Lighting’s interior solutions offer exceptional clarity and consistent, full-spectrum lighting without the flicker to help minimize fatigue, encourage alertness, and help people working and living.

Cree Australia
Cree Lighting Australia
Cree Australia
Cree Lighting Australia


Cree Lighting innovates at every stage, from base materials to finished devices and solutions. They are constantly driving for change, challenging the status quo and unlocking new possibilities.

Cree Lighting has a deep understanding of the science behind LED lighting and the benefits of this knowledge can be found in every one of their luminaires. Some of Cree Lighting’s game-changing innovations include:

TrueWhite Technology
A revolutionary way to generate superior white light with LEDs.
Cree Australia

NanoOptic Technology
Providing new possibilities for highly-optimised target illumination.
Cree Lighting

WaveMax Technology
An optical breakthrough to redefine how light is delivered.
Cree Australia

DeltaGuard Protection
The finest industrial-grade finish available for premium protection.
Cree Lighting


LED lighting – with its high quality, long life and low energy consumption – has improved our world and ended the century-old era of traditional light. But for Cree Lighting, this is just the beginning. Their foundation is built on the belief that LED technology will go beyond creating good light sources to deliver vastly improved and entirely new light experiences. Cree Lighting call this ‘better light’.

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