Arianna Petrarca 2.0
LED Floodlight

Arianna Petrarca LED Floodlight

Arianna Petrarca 2.0
LED Floodlight

The Arianna Petrarca 2.0 LED Floodlight is a flexible and modular area lighting solution capable of delivering up to 180,000 lumens through patented reflection optics that offer high efficiency, uniformity and visual comfort. Although perfectly suited for use in any large, open-area lighting application, it’s on the sporting field that the Petrarca really shines – generating comfortable, even light distribution with minimal glare to provide an enjoyable experience for both participants and spectators. Whether it’s a tennis court or a larger sports field, the Arianna Petrarca offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient modern LED sports lighting solution.

Compared to its predecessor, the Arianna Petrarca 2.0 offers the following upgrades:

  • Improved performance: Higher lumen packages and new optical distributions.
  • Increased flexibility: New mounting options (fixed bracket & suspension mount*).
  • Greater modularity: Ranging from new half-module variant to six-module configuration.

*Fixed bracket & suspension mount not available with all variants.

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    • Modularity (1/2 module to 6 modules)
    • Wide range of optical choices (narrow/wide/asymmetric/flood)
    • Patented optics designed to maximise performance
    • Control options (DALI, 1-10V, NEMA)
    • Remote control gear optional


  • Low glare
  • Visual comfort
  • New innovative bracket


  • Sports fields
  • Industrial / rail yards
  • High mast lighting
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