Holophane Prismpack Series
LED Highbay

Holophane Prismpack Series
LED Highbay

Designed to be distinctively different, the new Holophane Prismpack LED Highbay features the latest in highly efficient LED technology to redefine the standard for modern highbay lighting. The new generation Prismpack delivers solutions that can be totally tailored to specific customer applications.

PrismaLED Technology:
Offers a wholly luminous lit effect that accurately controls the output of the LEDs and reduces glare.

Optimax™ Technology:
Inspired by Holophane’s Superglass optical technology, maximises performance with today’s digital technologies. Optimax is designed to deliver a low glare, visually comfortable, efficient lighting system.

  • PrismPack01
  • PrismPack02
  • PrismPack03
  • PrismPack04
  • PrismPack05
  • PrismPack06
  • PrismPack07
  • PrismPack08
  • Holophane-Prismpack-03
  • Holophane-Prismpack-02


    • Available from 10,000 - 120,000 lumens
    • Choice of 3 distribution options (narrow, medium & wide)
    • Available in 4000K, 5000K & 6500K CCT
    • Up to 150 lumens per watt
    • High ingress protection rating (IP65)


  • Operates in high temperatures up to 70°C (*model dependent)
  • Available in 1-6 modules variants for maximum flexibility
  • Suitable for a range of high-ceiling applications


  • Warehouse, Factory & Indsutrial
  • Indoor Sports
  • Big Box Retail
  • Grocery & Retail
  • Council & Government
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