Lincoln, New Zealand

Ararira Springs Primary School

Top Marks For CityMax!

Advanced Lighting Technologies were selected to provide a lighting solution for the carpark and pathways at Ararira Springs Primary School. ADLT had the product from Holophane; an international award-winning luminaire which met all the project requirements.


The challenge for this school lighting project was in achieving good horizontal and vertical illuminance with a luminaire less imposing than a conventional area light. The project needed a luminaire that was aesthetically pleasing, positioned at a relatively low mounting height with excellent glare control. Managing pathway lighting in a stylish form can be challenging when bollards couldn’t provide the vertical illuminance required for this project and can be prone to vandalism.


The Holophane Citymax meets all those requirements. It offers excellent light control thanks to modern LED lensing and distributions. Allowing a more conventional plaza style, to provide higher performance to suit the areas that need to be lit.


  • Aesthetically pleasing pole and luminaire package
  • Excellent luminaire performance
  • Competitive pricing

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