Dunedin, New Zealand

More FM Arena

More light, more energy savings, more events!

The More FM Arena (located inside The Edgar Centre) in Dunedin had our top-of-the-line metal halide Area Cut-off luminaires installed back in 2004, however with that technology shifting toward obsolescence 2020 required an upgrade to LED. The arena is a premier events centre, used not only for sports but concerts, conferences and exhibitions. The Petrarca is a modular lighting system, with five different optic configurations and multiple lumen packages from 3,000 to 155,000 lumens ensuring the right illuminance, glare control and switching could be provided for this space, and for every situation.


As this is a large venue hosting a multitude of events, including those requiring television coverage, high efficiency precision optics with the best light delivery and glare control were a ‘not negotiable’. With three courts potentially active at once, the light distribution needed to be able to cover all three courts uniformly whilst keeping glare to a minimum. The old halide lamps also took too long to warm-up and sourcing maintenance spares was becoming a major issue.


Petrarca optics are designed to guarantee maximum performance and reliability. Silver-coated aluminium reflectors with maximum reflectivity (97%) and a total reflection patent, this luminaire can guarantee very high efficiency (module efficiency up to 170 lm/W) with extremely low glare. The compact and modular shape facilitates installation, while the use of high-quality materials means maintenance is reduced to a minimum, ensuring long life for the entire system. Visual comfort and energy savings for any of the venue’s events is guaranteed.

Note: The Arianna Petrarca has been superseded by the Arianna Petrarca 2.0, which features higher lumen packages, more mounting options and more.


  • Glare reduction for players and spectators, alike
  • Instant light with no warm up period
  • 36% less energy – reduced from 1080W to 687W per fitting (average)
  • Light quality – colour rendering index increased from CRI70 to CRI80
  • Low maintenance – 5 year Manufacturers Warranty

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