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Moseley Square

Form & Function Meet In Glenelg

Moseley Square is a vibrant public space located in the beachside suburb of Glenelg in Adelaide, South Australia.

Situated in the Jetty Road shopping precinct, it offers easy access to iconic Glenelg Beach and often hosts community events including live music, festivals and more.

With the Square’s existing luminaires deteriorating, a decision to upgrade the lighting was made. Advanced Lighting Technologies were commissioned to provide an architectural lighting solution that offered performance and efficiency while enduring the harsh conditions inherent with a beachside location.


Made from lightweight yet robust die-cast aluminium, the Arcluce Lunio Decorative Poletop & Area Light merges classic and modern design elements to create a stunning luminaire perfect for urban spaces like Moseley Square. Available in Comfort or Performance variants, the Lunio boasts high ingress protection and impact resistance ratings. Its full cut-off design ensures no light escapes upwards, and a wide choice of optics, wattages, colour temperatures and finishes offer maximum flexibility to lighting designers, electrical engineers and end users.

As standard, the Lunio is supplied with double-layered powder coating (certified to QUALICOAT2 specification) which offers protection against corrosion and UV rays and is suitable for coastal areas with moderate salinity. However, given Moseley Square’s proximity to the water, a special ‘coastal coating’ was applied – an additional transparent polyurethane layer designed to offer even greater protection, suitable for marine and coastal areas with high salinity. The Lunio’s iconic dome shape also offers a unique advantage in coastal applications, with the luminaire’s rounded top discouraging local bird life from perching atop it.


The City of Holdfast Bay found the perfect luminaire to enhance and complement the atmosphere and charm of Moseley Square. Thanks to its classic design, the Arcluce Lunio blends in seamlessly while offering comfortable illumination without overpowering the decorative lighting used to highlight the Square’s many palm trees.

Boasting an impact resistance rating of IK09, the Lunio offers sufficient protection to withstand the rigours of the urban environment, while its special coastal coating negates the effects of the harsh salty air, ensuring the Lunio will continue generating quality illumination for years to come.

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