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Here you’ll find our current range of architectural, commercial and industrial LED lighting brochures and catalogues from our lighting partners such as Cree, Pracht, Arcluce, DimOnOff and Flex.

Product-specific information such as spec sheets & photometric files can be found by viewing our product range.


LiteratureUpload Date
1. ADLT Basketball Court Lighting Guide 09:40 29/Apr/2019
2. ADLT Bendigo Basketball Stadium Case Study 14:44 17/Dec/2018
3. ADLT Coops Tennis Centre Case Study (NEW) 08:59 22/Oct/2019
4. ADLT Corporate Brochure 11:24 07/Aug/2018
5. ADLT Flinders Street Station Platform Lighting Case Study 14:43 17/Dec/2018
6. ADLT Goes Green - Solar Panel Install Case Study 15:52 21/May/2018
7. ADLT Knox Leisureworks Swimming Pool Lighting Case Study 08:32 19/Mar/2018
8. ADLT Lighting Solutions Guide 08:52 16/Oct/2018
9. ADLT Petrol Station Lighting Solutions 16:23 04/Jul/2017
10. ADLT Petrol Station Lighting Solutions Flyer 09:08 27/Mar/2018
11. ADLT Smart Lighting Controls Brochure 12:20 17/Aug/2017
12. ADLT Tennis Court Lighting Guide 15:16 27/Feb/2018

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