Tooway Bridge

ADLT Lighting Project


Tooway Creek is a haven for wildlife on the Sunshine Coast of QLD. The newly constructed Tooway Bridge and pathway faced some unique challenges. A high level of lighting was required for the pedestrian path so that residence and locals could feel safe while using the facilities. However the lighting had to have minimal impact on the local fauna in particular local turtle populations. The EDGE Pathway LED Bollard was selected matched with high performing Turtle Safe LEDs. These unique amber LEDs have been designed and certified as turtle safe for marine installations.


  • Turtle Safe Amber LEDs
  • High Exposure to Salt and Sea Water


  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Full Cut Off
  • No Spill Light to Local Properties


Sunshine Coast, QLD

Lighting Designer

Norman Disney & Young


Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Electrical Engineer

Norman Disney & Young

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