Adelaide City Council ‘Go Green Project’

ADLT Lighting Project


Adelaide City Council has over the past few years invested into trialling and evaluating various LED technologies to help reduce energy use and carbon emissions. LUCID Consulting Australia have provided specialist technical expertise and design support in the evaluation phases of choosing the best luminaires available and their suitability in replacing existing public lighting technologies. As a result the ‘Go Green with Public Lighting’ strategy has been endorsed by Council and the results are delivering real world energy savings and the realisation of sustainability goals now and for the future.

Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia supplied The Cree Edge™ Area Round Post Top ‘Spiders’ for a city wide roll-out of public lighting.
The Go Green with Public Lighting program has seen over 700 of Adelaide public lights changed over to Cree® LED technology. The sustainability achievements of the program have been far reaching and very well received, having reduced energy emissions by approximately 50%, increased public safety through better lighting performance, lighting quality and light levels, and reduced maintenance requirements through the longer lamp life.

One of the six outcomes in the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan 2012/16 is to be an environmentally sustainable City and contains strategies to reduce carbon emissions and oil dependency. The Council endorsed Energy Management Action Plan 2011/14 has set a target to reduce energy use by 15% by 2014/15 based on 2009/10 levels and pursue zero net carbon emissions by 2020. A strategy within the Energy Management Action Plan to assist with achieving this goal is the Go Green with Public Lighting project.

The CREE Edge™ Area Round Post Top fittings supplied by Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia have been used widely throughout the city, ranging from parks and open spaces, city pathways, squares, plazas, laneways and local roads. The ability of CREE’s BetaLED technology allows for the same fitting to achieve multiple lighting competencies through its modular LED light engine design, and ability to select various drive current settings to vary light output. Because of the pre-existing infrastructure, a one for one retrofit was required. CREE’s modular system approach meant a perfect fit could be found maximising energy savings, whilst improving lighting results.

The majority of the new CREE Edge™ Area Round systems consume 47 watts, replacing 80W Mercury Vapour, 100W Metal Halide, & 125W Mercury Vapour lamps.
Not only are the energy savings being realised, increased light levels are achieved on the pathways and trafficked areas.
The patented LED NanoOptic® system ensures the generated light from the LED lamp sources is directed down wards, eliminating upward light pollution and spill light. Along with the clear benefits delivered to areas such as the River Torrens pathways as pictured, the Cree® LED lamps have a significantly higher life resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are one of Australia’s leading commercial and industrial specification lighting solution providers and the Asia Pacific authorized distributors for Cree® outdoor luminaires, and have a long and successful partnership with Cree® over twenty years. Cree® are the world leaders in LED lighting.

The Cree Edge™ Area Round used in the Adelaide City Council River Torrens is an architectural luminaire and ideal for illuminating any open-space application including pathways, streets, parks, and car parks. With a low-profile modular design, this aesthetically-pleasing luminaire provides improved illumination performance while reducing energy consumption.


  • Pursue zero net carbon emissions by 2020
  • Reduced energy emissions
  • Increased public safety


  • Various drive current settings to vary light output.
  • A reduction of aproximately 50% energy emissions
  • Brighter Lighting to increase safety
  • Reduced Maintenance




Adelaide City Council
"This innovative project demonstrates Council’s commitment to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly city" Lord Mayor Stephen

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