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Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium

ADLT Lighting Project


As part of their Greenhouse Action Plan 2013-2016 Hume City Council had committed to improving the energy efficiency of all of its buildings and operations. As a result of this action plan the council prepared a tender to upgrade the existing Metal Halide lighting in both Craigieburn and Broadmeadows Basketball Stadiums.

The existing installation made up of a combination of 400W & 250W HID high-bays were no longer performing up to the standards with several lamps per court no longer operational while others faulty ballasts would continuously buzz during operation. The uniformity and light levels achieved using the CXB exceeded the requirements while reducing the number of fittings per court to just 18 from 35 (3 Columns x 6 Rows). The 2 different lighting states required were achieved by simply switching half the luminaires off per court.

The feedback from the Broncos and Hume City Council has been excellent. They love the instant strike and light levels and feel that the whole space feels larger and more open, not a surprise considering 50% of the fittings had been removed from the ceiling! The recessed position of the LED's means an excellent shielding angle and minimal glare for the players which was important to them and for the club they are able to benefit from the continued energy savings for years to come.


  • Designing to existing lighting positions
  • Creating a compliant switching arrangement for each lighting state based on original electrical layout
  • Achieving 2 AS2560 compliant lighting levels - Training & Competition
  • Lead Times


  • Instant Strike
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduced number of fittings per court by 50%
  • Reduced energy consumption per court by 75%


Broadmeadows, Victoria


Broadmeadows Basketball Stadium


Hume City Council/Broadmeadows Broncos

Electrical Contractor

Cody Whelan Electrics

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